Image of Mano a Mono - Artcrank Manchester Poster - £25.00

Mano a Mono - Artcrank Manchester Poster - £25.00

£25.00 / On Sale

This was our submission to the Artcrank Manchester show.

One of the ideas we first talked about was perpetual motion. We got to thinking think that human+bicycle is the closest we've ever got to perpetual motion. Somewhere along the way we threw music in to the mix, as a link to Manchester, and it seemed to work quite nicely.

Record players were mono, fixed gear can be seen as mono.

You play a record at a certain RPM, you spin your legs at a certain RPM.

And any cyclists primary struggle is against him/herself, which is where mano-a-mono came from. Mano-a-mano literally translates as 'hand to hand' – a competitive struggle. So we knicked that. And tweaked it a bit to represent the act of cycling. That makes sense right?!

The posters are A3 and letterpressed (creating a beautiful texture) in 2 colour, by the most marvelous Blush Publishing on 350gsm white frost colorplan. They are strictly a limited edition of 30.

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